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Studying at Jesuïtes Lleida

Our mission is to provide quality service of excellence, with a commitment based on four pillars: Christian, personal, social and academic growth. We strive for holistic development and allow students to co-exist within the educational community in order to strengthen their duty of service to one another, values-based education and a culture of inclusion.

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Educative offer

  • Centre's educational project

    Our educational model is based on on-going pedagogical innovation, applying new technology to education. Students get personalised attention and constant monitoring.

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  • Infant school-MOPI

    At infant school, we want our students to develop basic abilities and discover the world around them through their sensory experiences.

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  • Primary school

    Children must develop their abilities and discover their own learning strategies. Project-based education is consolidated through experience and handling objects.

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  • Secondary school

    Holistic individuals for a different society. Our commitment is to educate students, with close collaboration from families, to discover their full potential and find their own path in life.

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  • Baccalaureate

    We strive for academic excellence and a strong direction in life. We believe the Baccalaureate to be the culmination of the educational process and therefore strive for personal and intellectual maturity.

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You'll find us at...

Finca Vallfonda s/n
25111 Raimat


Tel: 973 724 111

Fax: 973 724 101